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ATL Metro RBI baseball is a summer leadership baseball program developed to provide leadership and educational guidance to young inner city and under resources young men who desire to be great baseball players.

In 1999 Reverend John W. Hollins, Sr. (COACH) The father of the founder passed of a major stroke. Coach had always spent his adult life on a baseball field working with young men in Kirkwood and DeKalb area during the summer to keep them out of trouble. John Jr. decided to start the DC Bombers 2002 in memory of his father. The Paideia school where John Jr. coached has always been a partner in providing a field where these kids and Paideia kids could get in extra work during the summer.

During the summer of 2005 John coached against a man named Eugene Gardner and the Mechanicsville Pirates. Mechanicsville is a known drug and crime infested neighborhood that is located 4 blocks from Turner field. Irony in itself, Eugene and his friends were able to turn many kids around, provide leadership and get first generation African American kids a college education. Eugene job sent him to California so he asked John to help him fulfill his dream as he traveled back and from Oakland California. John was able to coach the Pirates (combined the two teams) to 2nd place twice in the AABC 18U state championship, he won the USSSA 18u West Ga. state championship, Won the RBI 18u State championship 2 years straight and coached two teams in the RBI regionals. He took the team into the college wood bat league (known as Sun Belt league now) and finished 6 out of 12 teams. The name has changed several times since 2005, Mechanicsville Pirates, Lilburn Tigers, RBI Gwinnett-DeKalb Grays, DeKalb Tigers and now TIGER USA BASEBALL, but the mission and the family has never changed.

While working with Eugene Gardner (Mechanicsville Pirates), Tobin Montgomery (Lilburn Tigers), Julia Jones (Patillo RBI), Eric Osborne (RBI –Boys-Girls Club) and Derek McKay (DeKalb Tigers ), it has always been about developing kids, promoting academics first, providing leadership and helping young men achieve their dreams.

John believed it was in the best interest of the boys and the program to become more diverse in his roster. His experience in college provided him with a positive approach to socialized behaviors necessary to be successful in the business world. America is a melting pot of many cultures. Having these boys learn to work together provides them with a better opportunity to be productive and great citizens. Some will one day become supervisors, salesman and business owners. We must as a country find a way to look past color and culture and realize we are all the same when working to achieve a common goal.

Through the sport of baseball, the program has been successful in helping over 350+ kids get into college and 30+ kids in the Pros. It promotes academics, discipline and hard work. Unlike many new baseball programs in the community, John Hollins does not make a profit from ATL Metro RBI camps or programs. John Jr. volunteers his time and he is able to get his professional friends to donate theirs. John is assisted by Major League Scout Tim Osborne of The Major League Scouting Bureau (college teammate), Ben House the 2nd Round 1st over-all pick of the 1988 MLB draft (former DC Bomber coach). Jason Rogers 32 round draft pick of the Milwaukee Brewers organization in 2010, 1st team All Conference ,1st team All American (Alumni). Wess Hollins – graduate of Eckerd College 2011, 2nd team All-Conference, Brandon Crump-1st team 3 time All-Conference graduate of Virginia State 2011 (alumni). Corey Bryant-2010 SIAC Black College baseball player of the year, 2 time 1st team All Conference,(alumni) graduate of Benedict College. Tobin Montgomery graduated of Florida State University (Lilburn Tigers coach). Marcus White Savannah State Alumni.


Looking to participate in a sport that requires skill, strength, strategic thinking and the desire to play as part of a team?  Whatever level you play at, baseball can enhance your life, improving fitness, strength and coordination.

Whether you are looking to play casually in our recreational league or competitively with one of our traveling teams, you’ll find our organization to be a great place to learn new skills and meet new friends.

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